Rawwem (Nurture)

  • People having a greater appreciation of the natural world

  • Government, public institutions, and the media acting in ways that support the natural world

  • Businesses becoming nature positive

€10,000 awarded

Project duration: September 2023 – September 2024 

According to a Eurostat report published in March 2021, Malta’s forest land cover stands at around 1%. The effects of climate change are manifesting in periods of scorching heat, which are further exacerbated in Malta’s densely populated, built-up regions due to the lack of greenery. Native plant species face continuous pressures stemming from habitat loss and fragmentation due to urbanization, as well as invasive alien species that outcompete native trees and shrubs. Pollution and contamination harm their health and habitats. Conserving and restoring native species are essential for maintaining biodiversity, and ecosystem functioning- providing countless benefits to Malta’s economy and society. 

ACT is on a mission to regenerate Malta’s native flora through creative, community-driven approaches that promote awareness, positive involvement, and collaboration. Central to their efforts is the sowing, growing, and planting of native flora to restore Malta’s urban and rural ecosystems. MEF is supporting ACT to purchase the resources needed to implement best practices and innovative conservation techniques, ultimately enhancing their long-term infrastructure. This support enables the team to refocus their efforts on community engagement initiatives, inspiring and empowering individuals to embrace positive environmental change. 

This project is contributing to the conservation of Maltese trees and shrubs whose unique genetics can only be found locally and nowhere else in the world. Given the right care in the first years of plantation, they can ensure the resilience needed to face climate change. By promoting native flora species, we would be conserving natural heritage while saving on several costs, mitigating expenses related to their establishment, monitoring, and maintenance, as well as reducing health and energy costs. 

ACT will be: 

  • Working directly to preserve, protect, and regenerate the terrestrial environment and help Malta adapt to climate change. 
  • Raising people’s awareness of the natural world and its value. 
  • Promoting and supporting collective action. 
  • Creating best practices for conservation methods tailored to Malta’s environment. 
  • Helping businesses and consumers to act more sustainably. 


Learn more about ACT here. 

Image credit: ACT
Image credit: ACT
Image credit: ACT