Malta Ranger Unit: Enabling the Patrolling Rangers to carry out their duty safely and efficiently

  • Changes in public behaviour that directly preserves, protects, and regenerates the natural world

  • Governments, public institutions and media acting in ways that support the natural world

€9,500 awarded

Malta Ranger Unit: Enabling the Patrolling Rangers to carry out their duty safely and efficiently

Project duration: May 2024 – November 2024 

Malta Environment Foundation is supporting Malta Ranger Unit’s effective approach to conservation by facilitating the purchase of a patrolling vehicle. This critical addition is essential for the Ranger’s safety and will allow them to operate more efficiently, extending their reach and impact. 


Poaching, illegal fishing, and dumped waste are some common illegalities that threaten Malta’s natural beauty. Limited resources to support comprehensive enforcement leave these environmental offenses unchecked. But there is hope. Malta Ranger Unit (MRU), the only registered voluntary organisation focused on general environmental enforcement, stands as Malta’s invaluable guardian angel. 

MRU takes a holistic approach, patrolling rural areas to report crimes while also fostering appreciation for nature through clean-ups, workshops, and educational activities. Recognising the link between connection and conservation, they empower the public to become stewards of their environment. 

Malta Environment Foundation is proud to partner with this innovative organisation, supporting their vital work. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for Malta’s nature. 


Malta Ranger Unit will: 

  • Safeguard entire ecosystems by patrolling areas of critical conservation importance. 
  • Organise regular clean-ups and educational activities to engage the community, raise awareness and advocate for stronger environmental enforcement. 


“The MRU Rangers are 100% dedicated to safeguarding the Maltese environment. Thanks to the grant given by MEF to purchase a vehicle, our Rangers can now carry out their duties in a more efficient and safe way. We are looking forward to being able to grow our Volunteer Ranger Unit, visit schools to educate and also monitor further areas in Malta and Gozo to deter environmental crimes as well as holding offenders accountable.” – Camilla Appelgren, Chief Patrolling Ranger, Malta Ranger Unit


Learn more about Malta Ranger Unit here.

Image credit: Malta Ranger Unit
Image credit: Malta Ranger Unit